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How to prepere for your session

1 . Set Intentions:  

     Write your 2 intention for the hypnosis session; 1 relationshp and 1 health issues,

2 . Choose a Quiet Space: Choose a quiet environment where you won't be disturbed.Eliminate                     distractions from family members also pets.

3 . Set Up Technology:  Ensure that your technology is set up and functioning correctly. Test your                 internet connection, camera, headset and microphone in advance to avoid interruptions.

     Impotent plugging in your device to avoid disconnections.

4 . Avoid coffeine, alcohol or drugs prior to the session. 

5 . Drink a glass of water before the session . Wear Comfortable Clothing. Be Well-Rested  .                         Visualization            


6 . Schedule your hypnosis session during a time when you can fully commit without rushing.

7 . Recording of your session is not allowed or to be uploaded to social media.

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